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Home birth midwifery care is truly an exceptional, empowering and safe experience! Take a look around and be pleasantly surprised how different home birth midwifery care can be.

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Stephanie Johnson Midwife

My name is Stephanie Johnson and I am the owner and midwife of Sister Soul Midwifery.  Sister Soul Midwifery is a homebirth midwifery practice that provides SAFE holistic out-of-hospital prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care focusing on expectant parent's individual needs in the comfort of their home. Dedicated to helping pregnant women and new families THRIVE before, during and after pregnancy & birth, I am committed to ensuring parents feel listened to, valued, and cared-for during one of the most transformative events of their lives. This helps parents feel prepared to make informed choices that lessen the risk for trauma, interventions and improves outcomes. Combating racial disparities in maternal-infant health is a priority which is why I empathize evidence-based and culturally centered midwifery care. Understanding the need for more birth workers that reflect our community, I also mentor and educate Black birth workers to increase providers who share the same cultural experiences as the families they serve.

Midwifery is my calling, but more than that, caring for women and families during this time in their lives is what I love to do! Let’s explore the possibilities together!


  • Graduate of Birthwise Midwifery School, Maine
  • Bachelor of Arts in Community Health and Wellness, Curry College
  • Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Childbirth Educator
Stephanie Johnson

Midwife & Owner of Sister Soul Midwifery

Read what others have to say...

"So many people doubted that I could do this at home. Stephanie my midwife made sure I would have the experience I wanted. My family still can’t believe I birthed at home, safely. If you can do it, I recommend you do!"

- M.A.

"Once our baby was ready to be born Stephanie jumped right in - cool and calm not once making me feel worried; she not only took great care of me that day she ensured my fiancé that all is well and delivered our greatest blessing."

- Fay

"...I would reach out to her at all times of the day and night with questions and she never made me feel like a bother and always responded promptly. My first child is definitely not my last and we WILL absolutely be working with Stephanie again."

- Romario

"We are forever indebted to you. Thank you for everything, Stephanie. It was a great experience. I’m glad I was included and I felt like I had a place in it. "

-Jermain, Dad

"If or when I have another baby, Stephanie will be my midwife! She really cares about us and our babies."

- Sadia

"Our home birth was amazing! Her family-centered approach to midwifery incorporated my mom, husband & kids throughout the process. Her midwifery techniques helped my labor progress naturally. There is nothing better than feeling loved and fully supported while giving birth."

-Dominique, Mom

"I always wanted a home birth and when expressing that to my doula she highly recommended Stephanie. "

- Kay

"I was sad when Ms. Stephanie left the last day, because she was the nicest midwife."

- Daye age 7

"After our initial meeting, my fiancé and I felt that having a home birth with Stephanie felt right. She was very knowledgeable and most importantly experienced. She asked all the right questions to find out what I might've imagined my home birthing experience to be and how we could accomplish that vision."


- Adrienne

"There's something uniquely beautiful in the communal celebration of life. Djembe passed from her mother's womb into a loving community of voices she's been listening to thoughout her gestation...maybe that's why she came out in the thinkers pose."

- Nadena, Grandmother

"Stephanie was so calm. She knew exactly what I needed to do and when and that helped ease my anxiety."

- Kira

"I wasn’t sure what to expect being my first baby but Stephanie explained everything, comforted me when I needed, and gave my partner tasks so he felt apart of the process. It was truly a blessing to have her here with us. Can’t wait to do it again!"

- Marie

"Mohammad and I are so happy to have you by my side, Stephanie. Thank you for everything."

- Mohammad & Shonti

"Thank you Stephanie for being you!"

- Vanessa


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